To All of the Future “Incheon Girls” (Especially You, Songdo Girls)

Hi my name is Elaine, and if you’re new to this blog, just a quick self introduction: I spent the 2014-2015 school year studying abroad in South Korea, with NSLI-Y (National Security Language Initiative for Youth). There were 15 kids in my year, and six of us were the “Incheon Girls.” With the exception of […]

Roly Poly

Ah~~ This is honestly one of my favorite memories I have of Korea. We (Kevin, Elizabeth, me, Christina, Morgan, Emma, Malia, Breauna, Kat, and Abel!) got together to learn the dance of T-ara’s Roly Poly for a talent show at the cultural exchange camp in Bucheon.  What started with Kat asking me what we should […]

Myeong Dong

Today I got my first taste of Myeong Dong! It’s this packed, crowded, but totally awesome shopping center in Seoul. Our day started out with 빵 (bread), 바나나 (I think this is how you spell “banana” in Korean…), and some baby tomatoes as our breakfast. Then, we went drove to the U.S. Embassy. There were […]