Fun Things to Do in Incheon (Songdo and the Surrounding Areas)

Alright, here it is: the promised list of things to do in Incheon. I’m going to start off with Songdo, since it’s my love and I miss it. Songdo: How to get there: (By Subway) Take the lighter blue Incheon 1 line and get off at any of the stops between Campus Town and International […]

Korean High School Festivals

This past Friday, which was Halloween, my school held a 축제 (festival)! Usually what this means for girl schools is BOY SCHOOLS VISITING! And so, when I arrived at school that day, everyone in my class either had makeup on, or was in the process of putting it on. They even took down the full […]

Chuseok Experience

So. Much. Food. We left early Monday morning since it was about an hour drive to my host dad’s relatives’ house in Seoul. When we got there, we pretty much ate breakfast right away (pictured above. Yes, that is breakfast.), but we also sat in a circle and prayed before eating. There were two girls […]

Asia Day 42 (Singapore)

I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with the blogging; I’ve just been too pooped everyday when we get back to home base. Here’s my attempt to fill y’all in on the past few days: So Singapore. In the morning, we went to the botanical garden, which was a nice break from the city. […]

More to the Korea Story-PDO

(Warning: The following blog pays minimal attention to grammar and conventions since the sole purpose is to be basically a journal entry and a reminder of events to the writer, Elaine)