Fun Things to Do in Incheon (Songdo and the Surrounding Areas)

Alright, here it is: the promised list of things to do in Incheon. I’m going to start off with Songdo, since it’s my love and I miss it. Songdo: How to get there: (By Subway) Take the lighter blue Incheon 1 line and get off at any of the stops between Campus Town and International […]

번데기-Steamed Silkworm Snack in South Korea

Ah yes, you’ll see Ahjummas selling this in busy areas of Seoul, such as Yeouido Park or Seoul Grand Park. As you walk past, you’ll notice the pungent savory smell that takes over all of your senses, as you think, “Does anyone even buy these?” But yes, a portion, big or small I don’t know, […]

Plane Ride (amongst other happenings)

So I’m currently in this hostel in South Korea, and it’s so interesting since I’ve never been in a hostel before. I’m waiting for my turn to shower in a room of 7-8 other girls. There’s wifi here so I felt like I should catch up on my blogging! Alright, so maybe I should start […]

I Got My Host Family Info!

I’m writing this blog while my vlog is uploading on YouTube…for the second time. -.- I first tried to upload it an hour ago. However, with it 98% uploaded with 2 minutes left (it usually takes an hour to upload), my internet failed. And yeah! So YouTube aborted it, and I have to upload it […]