#Sameface-Much More Than Just a Game

Back in January, we traveled with NSLI-Y to Busan, South Korea, for a cultural exchange camp between us and teenagers from Busan. Each Korean class (there were three) had to prepare a presentation that focused on one aspect of American culture, as a way to share our culture with the Korean kids. (The Korean teenagers prepared stuff […]

Korean High School Festivals

This past Friday, which was Halloween, my school held a 축제 (festival)! Usually what this means for girl schools is BOY SCHOOLS VISITING! And so, when I arrived at school that day, everyone in my class either had makeup on, or was in the process of putting it on. They even took down the full […]

번데기-Steamed Silkworm Snack in South Korea

Ah yes, you’ll see Ahjummas selling this in busy areas of Seoul, such as Yeouido Park or Seoul Grand Park. As you walk past, you’ll notice the pungent savory smell that takes over all of your senses, as you think, “Does anyone even buy these?” But yes, a portion, big or small I don’t know, […]

My Daily Routine in Korea

So it’s been a little over a month since I’ve arrived in Korea, and since I’ve gotten into a sort of routine of things, I thought I’d update you guys about my daily life here! I go to Korean high school every day, but on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, I leave before lunch to go […]