Fun Things to Do in Incheon (Songdo and the Surrounding Areas)

Alright, here it is: the promised list of things to do in Incheon. I’m going to start off with Songdo, since it’s my love and I miss it. Songdo: How to get there: (By Subway) Take the lighter blue Incheon 1 line and get off at any of the stops between Campus Town and International […]

Roly Poly

Ah~~ This is honestly one of my favorite memories I have of Korea. We (Kevin, Elizabeth, me, Christina, Morgan, Emma, Malia, Breauna, Kat, and Abel!) got together to learn the dance of T-ara’s Roly Poly for a talent show at the cultural exchange camp in Bucheon.  What started with Kat asking me what we should […]