Asia Day 42 (Singapore)

I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with the blogging; I’ve just been too pooped everyday when we get back to home base. Here’s my attempt to fill y’all in on the past few days: So Singapore. In the morning, we went to the botanical garden, which was a nice break from the city. […]

Asia Day 41 (Singapore)

I left Shanghai yesterday, and spent five hours on Singapore Airlines. A very pleasant experience, and the food was actually nice. They even gave us ice cream cones! Oh Singapore Airlines, how you have spoiled me. I was meeting my brother in the airport in Singapore, and I mistook him for a bear when I […]

Asia Days 37 & 38 (Shanghai)

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I’ve kind of been moping around all week, depressed about leaving Shanghai. Yesterday (Friday) was my last day at Shanghai Charity Foundation, and I didn’t even get to spend it in the office. My boss and I (and a really nice woman from another department, Joy) visited […]

Asia Day 32 (Somewhere in Guangxi)

So today my aunt woke me up at 6, because she’s pretty loud, and I’m pretty sensitive in the morning (during the night, I can sleep through a hose being sprayed against my window). We had breakfast at 7, at the same restaurant we ate at last night. We were on schedule and left the […]