Asia Day 26 (Shanghai)

So these past few days have been unbearably hot. Like, wearing parkas in 80 degree weather hot. I will never again complain about temperatures in the 80s….Since you sweat the moment you step outside here, not many people want to “hang out” or go somewhere fun with me. 😦 But my aunt felt bad for […]

Asia Day 21 (Shanghai)

Work was really boring today, especially since I finished all my work for the week yesterday…and my boss wasn’t even here today so I couldn’t even get more… I’m finally understanding why everyone complains about the cafeteria food. At the beginning it tasted fine, but now, a few weeks in, everything tastes the same: extremely […]

Asia Day 19 (Shanghai)

Hey there, it’s been awhile eh? When I go one day without writing, it’s hard to start back up. So yesterday, I got a little tired of watching Raising Hope all day so I got Monwana to venture out into the 90 degree weather with me. We planned to meet at Hongkou Football Stadium station […]