Myeong Dong

Today I got my first taste of Myeong Dong! It’s this packed, crowded, but totally awesome shopping center in Seoul. Our day started out with 빵 (bread), 바나나 (I think this is how you spell “banana” in Korean…), and some baby tomatoes as our breakfast. Then, we went drove to the U.S. Embassy. There were […]

Plane Ride (amongst other happenings)

So I’m currently in this hostel in South Korea, and it’s so interesting since I’ve never been in a hostel before. I’m waiting for my turn to shower in a room of 7-8 other girls. There’s wifi here so I felt like I should catch up on my blogging! Alright, so maybe I should start […]

I Got My Host Family Info!

I’m writing this blog while my vlog is uploading on YouTube…for the second time. -.- I first tried to upload it an hour ago. However, with it 98% uploaded with 2 minutes left (it usually takes an hour to upload), my internet failed. And yeah! So YouTube aborted it, and I have to upload it […]

New Video: The Packing Song

Hi everyone! I believe it’s been a few weeks since I last posted on this blog (but then again, this past week went by so slowly that my perception of time is messed up). Anyways, I now have 7 subscribers on this blog and 35 on my YouTube. Seven people reading my posts is all […]